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city of Ljubljana, Resalta

City of Ljubljana – Slovenia

Situation before the contract and client requirements The public tender for the energy retrofit of the City of Ljubljana included 49 buildings, among which were elementary schools, kindergartens, libraries, cultural institutions, healthcare centers, sports centers and administrative bui

Slatina, Resalta

Slatina CHP – Croatia

The Slatina project was launched to build a cogeneration heat and power plant that runs on biomass. It will be located in the northern part of Croatia in the Slatina municipality. 

Plantaže – Montenegro

Plantaže AD, the largest winery in the region and one of the most famous, had very high energy costs. 

City of Kruševac, resalta

City of Kruševac – Serbia

Kruševac is a city in southern Serbia, as well as the seat of a wider administrative area with 128,000 inhabitants. Its public lighting infrastructure is outdated and the city has published a tender for a public private partnership to renovate the systems.

Mercator Sebia, Resalta

Mercator – Serbia

Mercator’s retail centers throughout Serbia are relatively inefficient, dependent on district heating and have obsolete lighting systems.

Melexis, Resalta

Melexis – Bulgaria

Resalta provided an immediate interim solution to enhance the functioning of the cooling system for technological purposes at the Melexis facility.

Sava Hoteli, Moravske Toplice Terme 3000, Resalta

Sava Hoteli, Moravske Toplice Terme 3000 – Slovenia

The Terme 3000 Moravci spa is situated above the underground spring MT1, water from which is used to fill the thermal pools open to the guests. 

Grand Hotel Bernardin, Resalta

Grand Hotel Bernardin – Slovenia

The Grand Hotel Bernardin faced high energy expenses and an obsolete heating system that needed renovation. 

Livar, Resalta

Livar, Črnomelj – Slovenia

Following the realization of Resalta’s energy efficiency project in Livar’s Ivančna Gorica facilities, an energy audit showed that the Črnomelj site had an even bigger potential for savings.

Livar, Ivančna Gorica, Resalta

Livar, Ivančna Gorica – Slovenia

The client’s compressed air was produced by an old and unreliable screw air compressor, treated with an adsorption air dryer. 

Sava Hoteli, Radenci Hotel & Spa/CHP, Resalta

Sava Hoteli, Radenci Hotel & Spa/CHP – Slovenia

The resort used natural gas for heating, which required 8,500 MWh per year. The client wanted to lower heating costs. 

Gorenje/Cooling – Slovenia

Gorenje/Cooling – Slovenia

Its original two systems had an insufficient cooling capacity, were obsolete and had a low energy efficiency ratio, in addition to which they operated all year long and did not take advantage of the site’s free-cooling potential. 

Adria Mobil, Resalta

Adria Mobil – Slovenia

The client had no built-in comfort cooling in the production hall and used natural gas to heat the production hall.

hotel Putnik, Resalta

Hotel Putnik – Serbia

The Hotel Putnik in Kopaonik, Serbia’s most popular winter tourism destination, has changed owners and as a result is undergoing complete renovations to raise its service offer to a new level. 

Laško Health Resort, Resalta

Laško Health Resort – Slovenia

Thermana Laško is one of the biggest thermal baths in Slovenia with an upscale hotel and wellness centre complex, as well as a medical program. 

Petrovac na Mlavi municipality, Resalta

Petrovac na Mlavi municipality – Serbia

Petrovac na Mlavi is a town in central Serbia. Its public lighting infrastructure was outdated and the municipality decided to publish a tender for a public private partnership to renovate the systems

Hotel Histrion, Resalta

Hotel Histrion – Slovenia

The hotel used two chillers with a combined power of 590 kW, with a 4-way piping system, for cooling, and for heating a boiler with extra light fuel oil.

Schools in the City of Pirot, resalta

Schools in the City of Pirot – Serbia

The City of Pirot announced a public tender in order to lower heating costs in four schools and improve efficiency.

Gorenje/EMS, Resalta

Gorenje/EMS – Slovenia

The client wanted automatic data acquisition for the consumption of water, heat, electricity, compressed air and gas. 

Resalta Otrant

Hotel Otrant - Montenegro

Resalta installed an air/water heat pump for the heating of sanitary water. The heat pump capacity is 140 kW. The heated sanitary water is delivered to the main hotel building and the surrounding bungalows. 

salinera, resalta

Hotel Salinera

The hotel was facing high energy expenses and an obsolete heating system that needed to be renovated; it needed to operate without interruptions.

Ministry of Justice, resalta

Ministry of Justice – Slovenia

The Slovenian Ministry of Justice announced a public tender in September 2016 for a public private partnership for the implementation of Energy Performance Contracting for 3 buildings. 

San Simon Resort, Resalta

San Simon Resort – Slovenia

The hotel used a crude oil boiler with a total capacity of 800 kW for heating, which was in very poor condition. In addition, the hotel Mirta was disconnected from the remote heating of the San Simon Resort. 

Novigrad Municipality, Resalta

Novigrad Municipality – Croatia

The municipality of Novigrad in Istria announced a public tender for the renovation of all their public lighting according to the ESCO model.

Brezovica Elementary School, Resalta

Brezovica Elementary School – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas as the energy source for heating the building, requiring 600 MWh annually. 

Perutnina Ptuj, Resalta

Perutnina Ptuj – Slovenia

Some of the older compressors are up to 40 years old and have an exceedingly poor energy efficiency ratio.

Ljubljana Castle, Resalta

Ljubljana Castle – Slovenia

The existing equipment was inefficient and heat was not evenly distributed throughout the whole castle.

Fragmat, Resalta

Fragmat – Slovenia

The existing system includes three compressors, two of which have not been renovated since 1998. The system is highly unreliable with numerous fallouts and risks of failure.  

Ada Municipality – Serbia

Ada Municipality – Serbia

The Ada municipality in Serbia has 16,000 inhabitants. The municipality announced a public tender in order to cut on energy costs for public lighting.

Grand Hotel Union, Resalta

Grand Hotel Union – Slovenia

The client was using an old inefficient chiller as a cooling source for the hotel, which requires 650 MWh of cooling energy annually.

Žabalj Municipality – Serbia

Žabalj Municipality – Serbia

The municipality announced a public tender in order to cut on energy costs for public lighting. Resalta, together with technical partner Elios, won the tender.

Topolšica Hotel & Spa  - Slovenia

Topolšica Hotel & Spa - Slovenia

The Topolšica hotel and spa operates year-long and has a constant demand for heat.

Šumi Bonboni, Resalta

Šumi Bonboni – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas as an energy source to heat its facilities. The required heat was 1,703 MWh annually.

Sava Hoteli, Radenci Hotel & Spa/Ultrafiltration, resalta

Sava Hoteli, Radenci Hotel & Spa/Ultrafiltration – Slovenia

The client wanted to reduce water expenses, optimize filtration and become environmentally friendly.

Žužemberk Elementary School, Resalta

Žužemberk Elementary School – Slovenia

The Žužemberk elementary school had an ill-suited oil boiler for heating the building.

Dobropolje Elementary School, Resalta

Dobropolje Elementary School – Slovenia

The municipality was using two expensive and inefficient crude oil boilers to heat the elementary school and one kindergarten (2 x 230 kW). The schools use 300 MWh annually.

Jožef Stefan Institute, Resalta

Jožef Stefan Institute – Slovenia

Resalta provided solutions in solar technologies and cooling. In order to improve the overall energy efficiency of the system, a heat recovery system was installed. 

Eltid Tannery, Resalta

Eltid Tannery – Serbia

The client was using biomass as an energy source but for a much smaller energy output. Due to a big increase in production the client’s energy requirements went up. 

Parish House Mengeš, Resalta

Parish House Mengeš – Slovenia

The Mengeš parish house wanted to renovate and install new district heating for its buildings, some of which were entirely without heating while others used costly crude oil. 

GKN Driveline, Resalta

GKN Driveline – Slovenia

The client was facing high district heating costs and was planning an expansion of the production area that would further raise expenses. 

Silkem, Resalta

Silkem – Slovenia

Client used old meters from 1950 with no communication system in place. In order to check energy consumption, manual control of 114 electricity meters had to be performed. 

Telekom Slovenije, Resalta

Telekom Slovenia – Slovenia

Telekom Slovenia requested comprehensive energy audits for three of its facilities: Telekom Stegne, Telekom Koper and Telekom Golovec (Celje).

Sava Hoteli, Terme Ptuj, Resalta

Sava Hoteli, Terme Ptuj – Slovenia

The old lighting system was inefficient, some of the luminaires were broken. The total installed electric power before the reconstruction was 17.35 kW. 

Retirement Home Logatec, Resalta

Retirement Home Logatec – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas as the energy source for heating the building, requiring 764 MWh annually. The client wanted the lowest price of thermal energy.

Orgachim, Resalta

Orgachim – Bulgaria

Situation before the contract and client requirements Orgachim is one of the largest chemical companies in South Eastern Europe, producing specialty chemicals and coatings, and is based in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Cremio – Bulgaria

Situation before the contract and client requirements Cremio is a dairy producer and manufacturer based in Bulgaria with a unique portfolio for the region of Eastern Europe.

Interspar Center Vič, Resalta

Interspar Center Vič – Slovenia

The client wanted an in-depth energy study and analysis of the building in which the shopping center is located and a detailed analysis of the costs and consumption of electricity in the last 3 years.

Retirement Home Nova Gorica, Resalta

Retirement Home Nova Gorica – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas as the energy source for heating the building, requiring 1,248 MWh annually. The client wanted the lowest price of thermal energy.

Retirement Home Celje, Resalta

Retirement Home Celje – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas as the energy source for heating the building, requiring 1,703 MWh annually. The client wanted the lowest price of thermal energy.

Gorenje/CHP, Resalta

Gorenje/CHP – Slovenia

Gorenje’s facilities in Velenje were using natural gas cogeneration (CHP) units for heat energy supply with 880 kW of combined heat power and 654 kW of electrical power. 

Terme Čatež, Aquapark Žusterna, Resalta

Terme Čatež, Aquapark Žusterna – Slovenia

The hotel Aquapark Žusterna faced high energy expenses and an obsolete heating system that needed renovation. 

Medvode, retirement home, Resalta

Retirement Home Medvode – Slovenia

The client was using natural gas to heat the building, requiring 1,315 MWh annually. The client wanted the lowest possible price of thermal energy. 

Žito, Resalta

Žito – Slovenia

Before reconstruction, the client had an over-dimensioned steam system, operating inefficiently with a very poor yield.

Medvode Neighbourhood, Resalta

Medvode Neighbourhood – Slovenia

The required heat was 810 MWh annually and the heating costs were too high for the neighbourhood.

Ivančna Gorica Municipality, Resalta

Ivančna Gorica Municipality – Slovenia

The Ivančna Gorica municipality announced a public tender for heating solutions for three schools. The municipality was looking for an ESCO company to finance and implement a more cost-effective heating solution.

Gorenje/Lighting, Resalta

Gorenje/Lighting – Slovenia

Gorenje had old and damaged luminaires and the light flux level did not conform to industry standards and norms. As a result, the lighting needed to be replaced. 

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