Resalta to renovate heating system for Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & Resorts

Resalta is proud to announce its latest hospitality project in Terme Ptuj, a destination famed for its healing waters since Ancient Roman times. Resalta continues its energy services partnership with Sava Hotels & Resorts through the renovation of Terme Ptuj's heating systems, using a solution that will harness the geothermal energy naturally present in the area. For guest comfort, the hotel complex consumes heat for sanitary hot water and for heating indoor and outdoor pools. Resalta's solution will allow it to do so as efficiently as possible, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. 

Following a previous outdoor lighting project realized for Terme Ptuj, the new project will install heat exchangers that will use thermal water heat for indirect pools heating. Energy left in the thermal water will be used as a source for the 600 kW water-to-water heat pump. Heat from the heat pump will be used for sanitary hot water, ventilation, heating and as the additional heating source for the pools. A back-up 1 MW boiler for contingencies and periods of high usage will be installed, running on natural gas.

Generating heat from the thermal waters instead of gas boilers will result in CO2 savings of 115 tons per year. More importantly, 200,000 m3 of thermal water will be saved annually due to the indirect and more highly efficient pool heating system. The newly implemented technological solution is not only more efficient, but also significantly reduces the hotel's environmental impact and is a long lasting solution to Terme Ptuj's heating needs. This is the second geothermal energy project Resalta has implemented for Sava Hotels & Resorts, following a similar heating solution at Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice. 

In total, this is the 9th project that Resalta is implementing for Sava Hotels & Resorts following CHP, ultrafiltration, geothermal energy and lighting projects realized at the Zdravilišče Radenci, Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, Hotel Rikli Balance, Grand Hotel Park, Sava Hoteli Bled and Terme Ptuj locations. The benefits of energy efficiency for commercial clients can be felt through many different solutions adapted to the specificities of each location. For Sava Hotels & Resorts, these solutions have thus far generated 3,500 MWh of energy savings each year, lowered CO2 emissions by nearly 1,000 tons annually and reduced water consumption by over 450,000 m3 in the same period. Energy is the third largest cost for hospitality clients and is often overlooked as a potential for savings. Resalta’s service portfolio includes a number of tailored solutions that are specially adapted to the hospitality segment.

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